Sandra Brown – Canine Interpreter
Sandra Brown – Canine Interpreter
Sandra Brown – Canine Interpreter

Sandra Brown – Canine Interpreter

Testimonial 2

Several years after adopting our dog, we realized we had a serious problem. We could –
not invite people into our home without locking her up, she was always at the window for
even the slightest sound, and she ruled the house! .

Sandra was referred by our Veterinarian. I believe it was fate that we connected,
because we were given names of two trainers. We left messages for both, and only
Sandra returned our call.

It has been a little over a year since we starting working with Sandra (with a fairly long
break when our dog was recovering from an injury), and it is like we have a new animal.
When we started, I never would have believed it possible to turn our dog into a loving

Sandra is patient, compassionate and understanding with both the dog and the owner.
And she is always gentle. Sandra never raises her voice or dominates the animal. Sandra
never gives up on you, she is a wonderful listener, and of course she lives for the animals
she helps us to transform into wonderful companions. Sandra respects these lovely

Sandra will always go at your pace, so you are completely comfortable with each step of
the training process.

Sandra also gives insight into the psychology of these incredible creatures, what
motivates them, what they want from their “masters”, what they are really “saying” to

It is a rewarding experience, and I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

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